Your personalized market place is ready to use, activate it now to become a smart city and promote your local events and shops

An important issue for the future of your city is emerging with a
immediate opportunity to seize: the local e-commerce !

Worrying findings

Do your local businesses see their business numbers drop dangerously? They disappear little by little? It is because they suffer, as in most large cities, the effects of different factors:

The economic crisis

The consumer has become cautious and limits his purchases.


Difficult access


Between incessant works, uneasy traffic and lack of parking, the consumer has gradually deserted the city center.

The advent of e-commerce

7 out of 10 Belgians buy on the Internet. Small shops and retailers, unlike large retailers, generally do not have the skills or the budget to create and maintain an online store.


As a municipal authority or association, you want to give a boost to the local shops and retailers in your city and become a real partner for economic development. That's why we created the "CITY" solution: a local marketplace customized to your image to identify and promote your businesses and activities.

The shops revive

A professional, innovative and powerful solution for:

  • develop their turnover easily for only 1 eur per month!

  • evolve towards new technologies without recourse to external service providers

  • build customer loyalty

  • expand their catchment area

  • find lost customers




... citizens applaud


They will indeed be delighted with this new shopping solution:

  • They will have at their fingertips the unique products that they do not find on the shelves of major retailers.

  • Their favorite shops will be accessible 24 hours a day.

  • They will benefit from a complementary offer of services proposed by the City, which moreover provides employment.

  • And will they be proud to live in a modern and dynamic city !

A ready-to-use platform

The only Belgian e-commerce player offering an "all-in" service solution, NearShop unloads your local shops with a multitude of administrative and logistical tasks to put them on the internet, and offers them many advantages:


a reduced cost thanks to the mutualisation


the identification and promotion of your local businesses and activities on the web


secure receipt of payments, billing and customer care


logistics and delivery of orders, which is also a job provider


a simple and intuitive management interface, a mobile management application for your stewards


Click on the cities on the map to discover their personalized market place.

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The City of Mons testifies

« Our historic heart and its shops are not always easy to access. Add to that the crisis: Mons was seeing its local shops gradually disappearing ... We could not stay idle! To boost the commercial activity of our city center, we launched an innovative initiative with NearShop. Our local shops were quickly sidelined by the ease of the system and the reduced subscription. And Mons can today boast of being a real smart city with its website! »

Nicolas Martin
Alderman of the economic development of Mons

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